Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Debtor Revolt Begins...

This is going to go viral and I do not believe to be going out on a limb by saying that many other consumers are going to echo these sentiments and simply stop paying their bills, be they credit card, mortgage, whatever. It only remains to be seen whether credit cards or commercial real estate is going to be the next shoe to drop. I fully sympathize with her and understand that when a bank decides out of the blue to raise the interest rate to such usurious levels simply in order to scrounge up revenue that they desperately need because they screwed up and helped precipitate the worst recession since the Great Depression, then, well, they are asking for a response along the lines outlined here.


  1. Folks need to understand the simple truth: this is not the United States of America, it is the United States of Business that we live in. Our elected Representatives and Senators do the bidding of corporations, the wealthy elite and ultra right-wing Christians. They keep us occupied with noise called the Mass Media and the farce that it matters which political party you belong to.

  2. Thanx for posting my video! I've gotten overwhelmingly HUGE and supportive response - it's starting to go viral!!! I simply said what everyone else is thinking/feeling - people think they have to just lay down and TAKE IT, but the truth is, WE DON'T! -Ann "Rockerchic" Minch, Red Bluff, CA

  3. I posted your video too, Ann, and a few friends of mine did too. Good luck to you.

  4. Hi Ann, I see that your vide has indeed gone viral and even the Huffington Post has picked up on it. Over 90,000 views and counting so far. We all wish you all the best and thank you for saying what people all over the world are thinking. We´re mad as hell and we´re not gonna take it anymore.

  5. This is appropriate

  6. Thanks for making a stand Ann, your not alone.

    Hey banksters!, your either with us, or against us, you decide.


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